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high quality guitar pickups

We can assemble and wire-up scratch plates to your specification from our range of pickups.

White Mother of Pearl with 3 single coil ceramic £55

Various colours of pickguard, 2 alnico Texas SV5’s +1 SN3 reverse wound for hum cancelling £95

Various colours, 2 hot rails & middle single alnico £120

All complete with switch, pots, knobs and socket.

[ click here ] To download pick-up wiring info - 120k
CodePickUp DescriptionPrice £
SM5G Active strat pick up, white, needs battery 40.00
SV8 Vintage alnico Strat, 52 mm standard spacing, white/black/mint covers 6.05K 25.00
STV Kent Armstrong Strat 50 mm spacing, white or black. 25.00
SN3 Reverse polarity and winding for hum cancelling operation, alnico 6.2K 28.00
STK50 Amazing noise-cancelling staked coils strat pick-up. This pick-up gives a sweet, classic single coil sound but without annoying noise and hum. Two coils with alnico 5 rod magnets. 35.00
SV5Texas vintage alnico strat, flat poles. 10K 30.00
KS6 Ultra alnico strat quarter pound, mother of pearl top 8.5K 40.00
SH Single coil with powerful ceramic magnet, slightly darker and hotter than normal. Excellent upgrade for thin or bright strats 7.35K 25.00
SHCL Cool rail strat humbucker. Closed cover rail pick-up with a medium output. Hum cancelling yet retains the punch of a single coil. Four conductor lead wires facilitates coil tapping , black. 6.5K30.00
SHR Hot rail strat “slim blades” humbucker. The two thin blades with powerful coil windings give high sustain and a full hard sound for contemporary rock music. Available in black or white. Four leads. 11.35K 35.00
TER Tele bridge pick-up. Big, snappy low end, striking mids and biting high end make this one of the best tele bridge replacement pick-ups available today. 6.3K 28.00
TEHRB Tele hot rail humbucker, designed to fit a standard tele bridge, four leads 11.25K 35.00
THBW Bridge hot rail, white 11.15K 30.00
TEK Bridge stacked coils, four leads 9.8K 30.00
TEA Tele neck pick-up, standard vintage 5.5K 25.00
TE6F Tele neck ultra quarter pound, no cover 9.8K 35.00
TE6R Tele bridge ultra quarter pound 16 K 35.00
SP90 Classic P90 pick-up with a fat, rich single coil tone. A flexible pick-up that sounds great in either low, medium or the highest of high gain situations. Black or cream. 8.2K 35.00
SLST Mini vintage lipstick . Low output vintage pick-up with an amazingly unique tonal quality, characterised by a smooth bass, “scooped” mid range and “singing” high end. 4.9K30.00
SLV-1 Full size vintage lipstick 4.8K30.00
HFBM Mini humbucker. A reproduction of the classic firebird pick-up, similar in tone to the original but with a slight increase in high end. An excellent blend of rich vintage humbucker tones with a dash of single coil bite. Amazing neck pick-up in any vintage style guitar application. Chrome or gold. Four leads. 6.2K35.00
MHB2 Mini humbucker with adjustable pole pieces, chrome 7.9K 35.00
MHB9 Mini humbucker that mounts on end of neck of jazz guitars 6.75K 35.00
FG20 Gretsch style bluesmaster humbucker 40.00
LPNA-F Neck 35.00
LPNA-R Bridge P.A.F. “J.B.” humbucker sound, full and rich with a strong, bright tone that produces crisp bell-like highs. This pick-up has a sweet spot that only alnico can provide. Available for neck 8.5K and bridge 16K positions, with four leads. 35.00
LGA-F Neck 35.00
LGA-R Alnico bridge humbucker with chrome open cover showing exposed black coils. 35.00
LPSA-F Neck 35.00
LPSA-R Vintage alnico humbucker. A finely crafted reproduction of the vintage P.A.F in both tone and appearance. Sweet, soulful tones with smooth bass and mids, capped off with a warm round treble response. Available in gold or chrome. Neck 8K and bridge 15.8K35.00
HLPL Economy vintage alnico humbucker. Gold or chrome covers. 20.00
HPFL Standard humbucker, flat poles, ceramic magnet. 7.3K 15.00
HPFL+ Standard humbucker, flat poles, ceramic magnet 10K 15.00
HDL Economy distortion, flat poles, ceramic magnet 12K 20.00
HAF-Z Cream and black bobbins alnico humbucker 30.00
HCM Black epoxy moulded humbucker. Four leads 8.4K30.00
HREL Black epoxy moulded humbucker. Four leads 14.25K30.00
EMG passive Precision and Jazz bass pickups 25.00
Musicman style bass pick up 45.00
Acoustic soundhole mounting pickup, chrome or gold 35.00
Active humbucker, needs 9 volt battery 45.00
Precision bass black alnico vintage. 25.00
Jazz bass neck position alnico vintage 25.00
Jazz bass bridge position alnico vintage 25.00
Di Marzio cream Precision bass set 30.00
Hayman 1010 set of 3 pickups 45.00
Hayman 4040 bass set of 2 pairs 45.00
Vox 1960’s bass pickup 45.00
Eko various guitar and bass pickups from 25.00
SD35 under saddle acoustic piezo pickup, 55mm pitch, 2.3mm slot 20.00
PD6 acoustic pickup and bridge saddle, 55mm pitch , 5.4mm slot 20.00
PC6 classical pickup and bridge saddle, 58mm pitch, 5.4mm slot 20.00
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